2019 World Rowing
Coastal Championships Presented by Dah Sing Bank

How do I apply?

Online applications are now being accepted through https://forms.gle/7Qdu7XRpDj78gDGB6


What happens after I have applied?

After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with further information. We will then be in contact once volunteer shifts are available with instructions on how to register for shifts through our volunteer portal.


How can I obtain further information?

Further information may be obtained by emailing info@wrcc2019.com


My friend/club member/classmate and I would like to volunteer together, can we?

You can submit your application with your friend/club member/classmate in a group that you wish to volunteer with. Your request will be taken into considering when allocating you to a volunteer role; however, these requests are subject to availability. We will do our best to match requests in this way.


Do I have to wear my WRCC volunteer uniform?

Yes, the volunteer uniform is required to be worn for the duration of each shift.


Are volunteers covered by insurance?

Yes, WRCC provides insurance cover for volunteers assisting with the event.


What qualifications and experience do I need?

Volunteers come from a range of backgrounds and age groups and are united by a love of the outdoors, enjoy interacting with people, have an interest in rowing and sport, an eagerness to learn and be a part of the event Team. All applications will be considered.


What training will I need to do?

To ensure volunteers have the necessary skills and information to perform their assigned roles effectively, both general and specific training will be provided. The training will include a briefing session, detailing emergency and general site guidelines, and on-site familiarisation.


I have volunteered in the 2018 Asian Rowing Coastal Championships, do I still need to do the training?

Yes, training is compulsory for all volunteers. Each event is different in experiences, expectations, processes, and procedures. It is important for the entire event workforce, including volunteers, staff, and contractors, to be appropriately informed to be able to perform their allocated tasks and responsibilities and to understand all current emergency procedures.


What will I be given to enable me to perform my role?

You will be provided with a volunteer uniform, an accreditation pass, and a printed manual. You will always be required to wear your uniform and accreditation pass for the duration of your shift. You will also be provided with onsite support during the event to enable you to perform your role with confidence and to the best of your ability.


What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel at any time after you have registered, you will need to notify the Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible to enable a replacement to be organised. Please email info@wrcc2019.com.


Can I take a break during my shift?

Yes, you are not expected to do the whole shift without a break. Volunteers will be given reasonable breaks when needed.
Your supervisor on the day will discuss breaks with you at the start of your shift. Please communicate to your supervisor if you have any specific requirements or require additional breaks.


I’ve changed my address/phone/name, what should I do?

You can update your details in the volunteer portal at any time. Alternatively, send your change of details to us as soon as possible, by email to info@wrcc2019.com.

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